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Page speed monitoring powered by Google's Lighthouse

Monitor metrics that affect your user's experience. Be notified about quality regressions of your site. Get clarity on your web performance from high-level overview down to a detailed Lighthouse report.

User experience metrics

  • First Contentful Paint

  • Speed Index

  • Time to Interactive

User experience metrics

High-level overview

Get a full picture of your site's performance in one high-level overview. Scanning thousands of data points in a few seconds is powerful!

Data preview includes user experience metrics aligned with page screenshots. So you can quickly identify concerning patterns.

High-level overview

Reliable monitoring

Treo provides high-quality monitoring data that you can trust. Enter an URL, choose a location, and start monitoring every hour with full access to the history. No compromises.

1 hour interval

Treo audits each page every hour to provide high-resolution reporting and responsive alerts.

Global monitoring

Treo offers 8 locations worldwide: US West, US East, Brasilia, UK, Germany, Sweden, Korea, and Australia.8 locations worldwide

Unlimited data retention

Get the full history of your site's web performance. And try to ensure it's getting better!

Powered by Lighthouse

Treo uses Google's Lighthouse to audit the page. It means the quality of audits ensured by world's best web performance experts.

Immediate audits

Never wait in the queue to validate new code deployment. Treo starts to audit your page the moment you request.

Custom headers

Specify custom headers to manage your servers response or pass cookies for authentication.

Lighthouse scores

Monitor Lighthouse scores for accessibility, PWA, SEO, and best practices. With a powerful data preview, you can quickly identify the problems and see what's changed.

Lighthouse scores

User Timing

You know your business the best. Configure custom metrics, like "Time to First Tweet" or "Time to Hero Image" using User Timing API.

Treo will detect them automatically and provide powerful visualization and alerts.

User Timing

Distribution View

Discover distribution of each metric.

Is it a stable value? Is it unstable and possibly affected by third-party content? Do you have performance regression?

Metrics distribution


Set up automatic alarms to receive notifications about quality regressions. Alerts are checked with each automatic audit or using Deploy API.

Lighthouse scores

Ensure high-quality of your site by tracking Lighthouse scores. You can enable/disable specific checks and avoid false alarms.

  • PWA score

  • Accessibility score

  • Best Practices score

  • SEO score

Performance regressions

Set up an alert to track if metric changed on some percentage during last period:

  • User experience metrics

  • User Timing

  • Performance score

Page size budget

Configure a budget for your assets and receive an alert once heavy dependency or image is added.

  • JavaScript budget

  • CSS budget

  • Fonts budget

  • Third-party budget

Availability test

Perform an availability test and ensure your site behaves like it used to:

  • Change in URL

  • Change in User Timing marks

  • HTTP/HTTPS errors


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