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Lighthouse as a Service

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Lighthouse in the Cloud

Treo is a cloud infrastructure for Lighthouse. It provides end-to-end testing, geographical regions, scalable API, and integrations with Github & Slack.Read introductory blog post >


Why should your company use Lighthouse in the Cloud?

Regression Testing

Compare results and automatically detect regressions after each deploy. Validate many pages in parallel in less than a minute.

Custom Locations & Networks

Execute Lighthouse from different locations (US/EU) using custom network presets (Slow 3G/Fast 3G/Wi-Fi).


Share Lighthouse results inside your team, approve new changes as a part of code review, and collaborate on test suites configuration.

API & Infrastructure

Use Treo as an infrastructure for parallel execution and storage to build custom Lighthouse workflow.


Treo offers a variety of features to superpower Lighthouse with cloud capabilities.


We take scale seriously, so you just configure and run up to 25 parallel audits. Treo provides dedicated browser instance for each Lighthouse run. Never wait to validate new code deployment.



Receive status updates of the new test via email or to Slack channel. Add Treo to your CI/CD and upgrade Github commit status for each Pull Request.


Median runs

Execute up to 5 audits in parallel and select the best one based on a value of "First interactive." It is especially useful for detection of performance regression.

Just Curl Command

US/EU regions

Perform Lighthouse audit from a location close to your customers. Treo provides regions in the United States (California) and Europe (Germany).

Real network emulation

Lighthouse uses browser-level traffic-shaping, which is not efficient for real network emulation. Treo uses Traffic control with NetEm, which provides better network approximation. Read more >

Per-second billing

Pay only for the time it takes to execute Lighthouse audit. The faster your site loads the cheaper the audit. Learn more >


Invite your colleagues to collaborate and share results and credits. Approve new changes as part of code review.

Snapshot testing

Automatically compare Lighthouse scores and custom marks between deployments. Create tests without writing them.

Just Curl Command

Treo API allows easily integrate Lighthouse to your deploy scripts. Configure test suites or just trigger Lighthouse audit with one curl call.


Treo's monthly pricing is based on usage minutes and amount of team members having access to the service.




$95per month


$295per month
100 total as sign up bonus$0.02 / extra credit
3000 per month$0.015 / extra credit
6000 per month$0.01 / extra credit
1 user
5 users $7 / extra user
10 users $19 / extra user
Execution priority
Dedicated queue
Help with initial setup and performance review
24/5 support with 8 hour response
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
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