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Know the speed of your web pages and make them better.

  • Easy-to-use data reports
  • Performance budgets and alerts
  • Powered by Lighthouse
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Focus on what matters to your customers.

Traditional web performance metrics are often technical and don't reflect your customer's journey. Treo is powered by Lighthouse and focuses on user experience metrics to help you to build delightful web experience.

Best Practices
Web Performance Metrics

Get the astonishing power of data visualization.

Treo shows your site performance like no one else. Use carefully crafted visualizations and understand your data easily.

Lighthouse Scores

Reliable monitoring for all your needs.

Treo audits your pages in a stable, isolated environment, providing the results you can trust. Get a configurable, world-class infrastructure, that saves your time and covers all your use-cases.

Mobile / Desktop

Configure CPU power and network throughput using a device that represents your customers.

  • Emulated Nexus 5X
  • Slow 4G (1,6 Mbps)
  • 4x CPU Slowdown
  • Emulated Desktop
  • WiFi (10 Mbps)
  • No CPU slowdown

PageSpeed Insights Integration

Treo provides the option to use PageSpeed Insights API to run Lighthouse.

PageSpeed Insights Logo
  • Automatically perform multiple runs, use a median, and ensure consistent VMs.
  • Lighthouse Scores, Alerts, and Dashboard.

9 locations worldwide

Choose a location that is closer to your customers. Avoid network latency and geo barriers.

Treo Servers Locations

Performance budgets and alerts

Receive a notification when metrics change or get lower than expected.



Get all the collected data using a simple REST API. Easily integrate Treo to your existing infrastructure.

curl "" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer SecretToken"

Hourly interval

By auditing pages every hour, Treo provides an accurate reporting and timely detection of changes.

Static IP

Monitor internal URLs by whitelisting our IP address. Catch bugs before they reach production.

Custom headers

Specify HTTP headers to the Treo agent and manage your site's authentication or custom features.

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