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Modern page speed monitoring

Delight your customers with a faster web experience. Make Google rank you higher because you care about page speed. Let web performance be your competitive advantage and drive more sales.

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Why monitor page speed

Perfomance is user experience

Your customers expect a fast web experience, and delight of your customers will bring you more sales.

Page speed is factor for SEO

Google and other search engines favor performant websites and will give you more organic search traffic.

Page speed is better KPIs

Improve business metrics like conversion and engagement, just by turning your website performance (case studies).

How it works

Combining the power of data visualization with modern tooling, Treo helps you build fast websites.


High-quality monitoring

Powered by Google's Lighthouse, Treo audits your page every hour and keeps the full history.


Simple metrics

Focus on metrics that affect your user's web experience. These KPIs will be understandable by everyone on your team.

browser stats

Powerful dashboard

The dashboard aims to show your performance data so that you can learn and discover problems immediately.


Flexible alerting

Receive alerts about the quality regression of your site. Don't let bad code reach production.

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