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  • RUM service without setup, tracking, and 1% of the cost;
  • Use real-user data to improve your site's UX and SEO;
  • Scan sitemap and get real-user data from CrUX.
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Focus on the right pages using real-user data.

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Treo scans your sitemap and shows Chrome UX Report (CrUX) data for available pages. Because it's real-user data – a slow page means a poor experience for your site visitors. Because it's CrUX data – a page has enough traffic and counts for the page experience ranking.
Use real-world data to make informed decisions about which parts of your site need improvement. Build better websites and improve UX, SEO, and sales.

Sitemap Overview

Treo Scan at a glance

Treo Scan is a RUM service without setup, tracking, and 1% of the typical cost. It offers custom reports and Lighthouse integration to help you to audit your site performance and improve it.

Real-user data

Treo Scan uses CrUX to provide real-world data, which helps you to make better decisions about improving your website.

Core Web Vitals

Focus on CWV to improve UX & SEO.

All Dimensions

Treo collects all available data. Use filters to limit 3G or phone traffic.

Overview Mode

Quickly detect the slowest pages and explore the relationship between metrics.

Detailed Mode

Sort, search and filter your site pages. Explore your site speed in full detail.

Continuous Monitoring

See changes over time. Data is updated every day.

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