Site speed monitoring made simple

  • Core Web Vitals without setup and tracking;
  • Competitive analysis based on real-users data;
  • Chrome UX Report dashboard with historical data across devices, connections, and locations.
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Chrome UX Report data in all its richness.

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Explore all the data from the CrUX dataset – form factors, connection types, metric distributions, and country details. Treo operates with raw CrUX data and shows it in a powerful dashboard. If you do it yourself, it costs $80 to scan 16 terabytes for one domain using BigQuery and thousands more to support a dashboard.

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Improve search ranking using Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse.

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Core Web Vitals are search signals for page experience. Explore real-user data for your web pages and improve them using Lighthouse recommendations.

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Benchmark your website with your competitors.

Instantly make a comprehensive competitive analysis and convince your management to invest in user experience. Core Web Vitals are ideal KPIs to track monthly using Chrome UX Report as a reliable data source.

Treo Sites Dashboard

Powerful features for development and marketing teams.

Treo makes it easy to access historical real-users data and improve the speed of your website. Improve your web pages with Lighthouse and see your success as experienced by actual users.

Powered by Chrome UX Report

CrUX is a dataset collected from real-world users, that used for page speed ranking.

Core Web Vitals

Focus on Core Web Vitals and build delightful web experience.


Download your data and analyze it using your custom tools.


Enter your domain and get historical data across devices, connections, and locations.


Use Lighthouse to monitor important pages and get an aggregated RUM-data for popular URLs.


Access the raw data using a simple JSON API.

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